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These resources are congruent with our research and applications. They provide additional knowledge, opportunities, skill building and experiences.

Heart Forgiveness – One of the most frequent feelings is one of the most limiting in our personal life, in our relationships and in our careers. Anger and its toxic effects can be unmasked and erased from our internal energy system. Heart Forgiveness is the first tool to quickly, deeply and throughly clear anger and its toxic effects in our body. Achievable Heart Forgiveness returns us to our pure core of powerful energetic innocence from which to interact with our self, those we love and the world, light and bright. 4 levels of clearing and freeing anger issues.

Are YOU FUNNY with MONEY? – Money is the symbol for the richness of all life. Receiving, giving, relationships, success and more. Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, the Flow of All & Everything which includes MONEY.  3 levels clearing deepest issues with money & success to create a healthy relationship with money & life.

COMPREHENSIVE KINESIOLOGY and HISTORY of Energy Measuring is the Reality used in these processes.
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Energy Measuring Made Simple
“How To” Video ~ Click Here

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Author of The Biology of Belief — Thinking Beyond the Genes
Bruce Lipton is a cell biologist from Stanford and Wisconsin Medical School. A renaissance in cell biology provides cutting-edge science — real science — to prove how holistic health therapies work!

Dr. Lipton introduces a major paradigm shift in biomedical sciences. This new science inspires your spirit, engages your mind and challenges your creativity as you comprehend the enormous real potential for applying this information in your life and in your profession.

Dr. David Hawkins,,
Author of Power vs Force; The Eye of the I; I: Reality and Subjectivity; Truth vs Falsehood
As a psychiatrist with 1,000 new patients a year, and all staff using energy measuring (kinesiology), Dr. Hawkins developed a “Map of Consciousness” and a measure of Truth vs Falsehood.

Dr. Candace Pert,
Author of Molecules of Emotion
Dr. Pert researches “new paradigm” healing at Georgetown Medical School where she is professor of Physiology and Biophysics. Her research reveals how the “bodymind” functions as a single psychosomatic network of information molecules which control our health and physiology.

Dr. Pert’s work fuses Western science with Eastern philosophy to promote new ways of optimizing health. She’s been popularized in the movie What the Bleep!?; Bill Moyer’s TV program Healing and the Mind, and her book Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mindbody Medicine.

The Tracking Project ,
John Stokes Internal skills and Outdoor leadership and tracking experiences for children, teens and adults, based on the wisdom of native people around our world.

Heart Math Institute,
Develop skills using the emWave or Heart Rhythm Monitor — interactive computer software connected to your body. Stress is our emotional reactions to events, rather than the events. Learn the skill of not experiencing stress.

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